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Hi all!
I'm with you there Penmage, I've had a bit of binge tonight. But it's ok!!

Gracie: So jw, does the PA under your location refer to the states?

Hotaruchan: That's exciting that you get to see your bf! I've wanted to look into 30DS but it sounds very intimidating.

Peachflesh: That 35 miles for Februrary sounds like a good goal! I might have to make the same goal!!

Kawaii: So Les Mis was great? I saw the musical in highschool when it was touring. Oh my wow, it was powerful.


Well, I want to say so much for today and be depressed about my binge, but I'm not all that down about it.
I am hanging out with my mom's best friend's dog, Brutus, tonight. So, technically dog sitting? But anyways, I got to her house and I was starving and she said anything in the fridge is cool and I'm like ****. man. She bought food specifically for her nephew who is in hs and eats junk food because I was backup sitter. So, I made a delicious salad but then I wanted some cinnamon rolls and then pizza rolls and then chips and queso. Thank god the chips are the kind with a hint of lime. so I tasted them and decided it was a no go.

My boyfriend was hanging out for a little while but he is back at his place puking. So, here's hoping it's food poisoning and I don't get another stomach bug!

Ok, I just want to apologize for the random a.d.d.-ness of my posts. : ) Have a good tomorrow everyone!!
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