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hotaru: you can do it! there is no way in **** that you have less space in your house than i do (i live in a shoebox), so as long as you have enough space for a yoga mat, you'll be fine. the only moves that are a bit iffy are the walking push ups (but only level 3) and the chest flies, but you can adapt stuff. do it!!!

penmage: oh hun... don't beat yourself up! though i dunno what kind of bread you're using, but 5 slices should be way more than 400 calories... :/ but i understand. binges are never about hunger. they're irrational, and if you have the urge to binge, you will binge literally on whatever's around. the most important thing is just to say "ok, that's done. now let's move on". if you dwell on it and keep feeling bad, it's just gonna make you wanna eat again. it's in the past now, you move on, you be good today and it'll be alright. hang in there

gracie: Thailand's cool too! what have you been doing there? Japan's definitely a cool place to visit. you should come! I teach English here, and i've been living here for almost 5 years now... god! lol. i don't wanna leave though

peach: yeah! i know it's weird... a part of it is cultural, cuz japanese and north-american cultures are sooo different, but part of him is just him being the most unemotional idiot ever. lol. for some reason, he really loves super dramatic movies, but he's just looking them over with his super rational eye. lol. I've also been overweight for all of my 20's... and when i turned 30, i was really depressed about it. i tried to lose weight the year before to be "130 at 30" but i failed nevermind though, it's no good to wallow in the past! we're doing this now!

morning girls! today is a lazy day for me well, i do plan on doing the No More Trouble Zones DVD again though, so maybe not so lazy. i gave myself a break yesterday and went to the gym instead. (yes, going to the gym is "softer" than facing that dvd again, haha!) and my thighs are a bit better so should be ok. other than that, my most exciting plan today is... laundry!!! I got this big giant bag and i literally have no excuse now cuz i've run out of socks, and soon will be undies, so... lol. i have a million clothes so i can literally go a month without doing laundry, but now i have no choice!

in other news, scale was a little bit down again this morning! i dunno if it's just because i removed my hair extentions yesterday or not, but i'll take it!

happy sunday!

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