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Wow gma2one - those are amazing numbers! Awesome! Congrats!

Personally, I haven't set up a 'regime' yet...I'm just doing whatever strikes my fancy in an effort not to get bored - but it HAS to be every weeknight from 7 to 8 (which keeps me doing it). Last night I went for a walk/run (and wasn't anywhere near as bad as I expected...usually I run too fast and kill myself, but I was good about going slow and actually enjoyed it ). If it rains, I do a tape. I swing dance on Friday nights (probably the most sweat I do a week), and I go indoor rock climbing twice a month with my friends (great upper body...without realizing you're doing upper body work). So, that's me. I really do want to move more though...I find my eating isn't bad (so long as I keep the evening binges at bay), but when I went to dance camp this summer I ate like a horse and still lost 5 pounds - it hit me that if I really keep with the exercise, I WILL see results. So, I'm keeping with it .

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