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Happy Saturday! It's been a productive one so far. Last night we went to see Blues at the Crossroads, a tribute to Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf. Superb! Thrilled with a few of the best from days gone by. Came home and we'd done a light, quick dinner early, and both of us were hungry. I waited it out, and then finally gave in and had an english muffin. I didn't hold out like Lexxiss, but I had been tempted to toss a frozen Trader Joe's imported from Italy and scrumtious cheese pizza (I added a few words to what they call it).

On the treadmill for only two miles this morning and DH and i will get out on the trail this afternoon for a snow walk. It snowed through the night and more coming later today. Have chores to get done, packing to get done, and hope to get good sleep before a too-early wake up for the flight.

I'll be following when I can, but sporadic check-ins. Aiming for 80% wise choices and 20% things I would not normally order, sliver of DH's birthday cake, etc. Now that I write that, it looks like a big chance for slipping. Maybe I need to go 90-10 ... I KNOW I don't want to come back with added weight to work to remove.

So close ... now so far!
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