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Thumbs up Day 2 in the Saturday Palace

I have to say, the whole last week was a triumph for me, in terms of looking after myself and seeing my own needs are met. I seem to have found a way to stay calm with the end-of-month deadlines, instead of experiencing them as a catastrophe. I had to work more than I like but I did take time to rest. Now, in the old days I would not have given myself permission to stop, just sit on the couch with a cup of tea and watch TV or just gaze out the window. No, I would have pushed myself to continue until I found myself robotically marching into the kitchen -- or even making a trip to the store -- to find something to eat. And I would take at least as much time, probably more, getting food items and eating them. I wasn't doing it purposefully, wasn't intending to do it. But it happened, time and time again. Not this past week.

I was scheduled to travel with DH next week but am still not fully recovered from what I think is walking pneumonia, so I told him that I need to stay home instead and just look after myself. That's a big deal for me. I feel like I've been pushing myself more than normally since early December just to do things I "have to" do. To step back and actually think of my own needs first is a breakthrough. I felt better almost immediately -- still very tired but also hopeful.

This is deeply integrated with the weight issues of course but also with life issues. I wrote a little about it a while back, in terms of exploring "A Course in Weight Loss." It's not like I didn't know I had problems not looking after myself properly but wasn't fully understanding all the consequences, the way it affects every bit of my life, saps me.

So, this past week, in the midst of big challenges, I made progress not just in understanding but actually in moving forward. And I feel life begin again.

Amarantha, yoga was good yesterday although not undemanding. I won't go today but will try to sneak in a few poses here and there. I bet you can sing. I was one of those kids told to just lipsynch in music class but am discovering my voice. I remember hearing a vocal teacher on the CBC saying that everyone can sing, which I found heartening. Did you get your news? And did it go as you hoped? I hope so!

I've got a cake to bake for SIL's birthday party this evening, a gift to purchase. O/w, 'tis Saturday and I intend to relax and enjoy myself. Have a blissful weekend, Queenlies!


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