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I'll come back and do personals in the morning, but I have a confession to make!

After ending my day well, with 1090 calories, I effed it up. Big time. I had three slices of bread with olive oil (think Carrabbas style), a popsicle, and 2 pieces of toast with Nutella. So 5 slices of bread is 400 and the oil was... say 100, the popsicle was 35 and I don't even know how much Nutella I used since it was the last of the jar, but lets just say it was 2 tbsp, which is 200 calories.

New total: 1825

I kinda feel sick now. I don't even know why I did it. I was kind of hungry, but nothing really sounded good except salt. So I added olive oil and oregano to it and decided to dip bread in it. And then the popsicle. And then the toast and Nutella, because I already was pissed at myself and heck, I've already screwed up the night, why not really go for it?

Sometimes I don't know if I eat because I'm hungry or because I'm lonely. Sometimes hungry feels like "not hungry" and "not hungry" feels like lonely, and then lonely sometimes feels like hungry.

Not being able to sleep probably isn't helping, but my sleeping pills aren't working anymore, since I started taking the new medication.

Sorry for venting! Hopefully tomorrow/today/Saturday will be better.
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