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Originally Posted by ennay View Post

How exactly is $10 PER PERSON per day a tight budget? Ooooooh managed to get organic veggies on a budget that is crazy high, at least for a family. You think Lisa is shopping for her family of 6 on $1800/month? I could have steak and lobster every night on that budget.
Lol yeah, I had the same thought. I usually spend 70 - 100 a week on groceries for just me, so I have a feeling they were probably aiming that message at single people or small families with a decent income and not at the people we're actually talking about when we say it's hard to eat healthy on a budget.

I doubt most average families are spending $70 per person per week on food and families on SNAP and such definitely aren't.

At least they didn't tell them to subsist on dried beans and canned tuna. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
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