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S/C/G: Hw194/Sw160/Cw120/gw125

Height: 5'2" on the dot!


Goodie love these challenges. So looking forward to a new month meaning new pounds to shed
Sw 129.8 For 13 days now
Gw 124.8 Short month and having a really hard time, gonna be realistic 5 is a lot right now & more than enough!

01.130.4 wait the point is to lose right, guess I had it wrong!
02.128.4 finally back to 128 after 10 days but .4 less yay!
03.127.8 1st time I ever passed my cheat day not gaining
06.126.2 wow will believe it when I see it tomorrow 2
07.126.4 surprised after spending all day in the hospital yesterday with my aunt and eating near by junk food. But I busted my butt until after 1am working out
Week 1 total - 4 lbs

08.126 So close woo hoo
09.126.2 been kinda in maintenance mode, but had way too much salt yesterday
10.127 hoping this is because Tom is on his way
13.125 what what what. I was gone until midnight yesterday so no workout, and I had a blended coffee to keep me up for the 2 hour drive home. Omg and Tom should be here today.
14.124.6 met and exceeded challenge goal, with tom and a heavy weight lift session yesterday. Weight loss is so weird sometimes
Week 2 total -1.4lbs

15.125.4 usually gain 1-2 during Tom hoping for a whoosh in 2-3 days
16.124.6 and beyond bloated. Tom is hurting me
17.125.8 darn cheat day
18.126 measurements up an inch over night, water retention
20.125 started 3ds yesterday
Week total -.6lbs no gain so I will gladly take it

24.124.4 skimped on the water yesterday
25.124.4 I really believe I am gaining muscle fro 30ds because my waist is 1/2 inch smaller, one inch away from my 26 inch waist. Omg
27.125 constipated! Better be at this months goal tomorrow!
28.124.8 I called it, but I feel bloated today
Week total -.4lbs Month total -5.6lbs, good enough for me!

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