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Originally Posted by lisa32989 View Post
CO was a non-negotiable for me when I started. My coach allows it (or at least tolerates it)

I use both refined (doesn't smell/taste like coconut) and refined (smells/tastes like coconut).

There is TONS of info on the net re: health benefits of CO. You can find some here:

I NEVER cook with olive oil. Heating it causes free radicals. I use a high quality EVOO for drizzling on salad.

I read a book a few years back that was HIGHLY recommended by a health care practitioner called Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill. Learn enough about it & you KNOW that it really IS the (refined) carbs causing all the health problems, not the fats (not even saturated fats).

Right now, I needed something like IP to get me back in control of food, because my eating was out of control. So for the time being, I stick very close to the IP guidelines & only use amounts on the sheet.

The other thing about CO: If you read Dr Tran Tien's books, you see that he doesn't specify WHICH oil. My thought is that IP may have specified to keep it simple. Either way, CO is something I'm using for the health benefits. I didn't want to use products with gluten or soy but I did for the first 5.5 months on this plan. I have now cut them out due to changes in thyroid health (both gluten and soy avoidance are recommended by my natural health practitioner for anyone with thyroid issues)
Hi you also avoid dairy? My daughter has hashis and her practioner also advised not to use dairy. She is interested in the IP protocol but wasn't sure she could do the program with her restrictions of gluten, soy and dairy. Do you post your meals in the what are you eating thread? if so, I will have her check out your posts and model what you are doing. You look wonderful.
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