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Originally Posted by KTB View Post
So happy to see someone else is doing bMD. My husband and I are doing the 7 day plan without snacks, but I think eventually we will move to the 5 day plan. We are both looking to lose 40-50lbs. Just got our 2nd box of food today and it's even more appealing than last week, as they took our preferences into account. I'm like your husband, I weigh everyday.

What are you doing with the big styrofoam coolers? I feel bad about them, to be honest.
Good morning! I love that my husband is doing the same program, don't you?

I want to lose around 40lbs too. My husband wants to lose around 60. I'm going to get brave and get on the scale, but not for awhile. I guess I have a fear of that darn thing!

Oh yes, the food is SO good! I think the portions are great. I would have loved to do the 7 day program but, there always seems to be a few nights every week where we'll have to dine outside of the home.

My husband takes those coolers to his workplace. I'm not sure what they are doing with them, but yes, I hope they get reused too.

Do you get your meals on the same day every week? I have received mine on Tuesday, Wednesday and the first time was a Thursday. I think I'll be getting mine on Tuesdays, if the weather doesn't slow down the truck.

I'm going to fix my lunch in a few minutes. It looks really good!
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