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Still at it, yup. I ended up at 9254 steps yesterday. I haven't been getting upset over missing my targets because I'm still on track. Eating smaller portions, making better choices. For example, I usually keep low-salt roasted peanuts in the house for high-protein snacks when I'm hungry. But it has come to my attention that I eat many more of them than I do of the raw nuts that I also keep in the house. When I'm hungry, I eat a handful of raw nuts and that'll do it. The peanuts, on the other hand, I usually eat two or three handsful, at least. And will often go through a bag (about 2 cups worth) in a week. One can see how those calories would add up. So. Just not buying them anymore.

Wildfire, I'm glad DD is all right!

Amarantha, we simulposted! I think those major temperature swings are very hard on us humans. Our temp here right now is actually 47 F. Extremely windy, though, so probably won't be experienced as balmy (admit it would, though, if it were lovely and sunny).

K, this is the dreaded last day of the month. I may be working into the wee hours so I should get at it.

Let's make this a good one!

Onederland by New Years

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