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Wildfire, so glad your DD is okay except for whiplash. Hope that is better very soon and her car gets repaired quickly.

Am2 (just me lol) is on Day 9 of the calorie level 21-dayer and will update the numbers on Sunday.

Did get the 10,000 steps in yesterday and circuit training this morning, fully intend to lie around and do nothing today except go for walks. In a mode of just waiting for today to be over so I'll know how to schedule the coming month lol.

Touchy digestion is probably NOT the result of the flu, which I have decided I didn't have, something more minor and stress related was probably afoot except for the first day I didn't feel well.

I am NOT doing well in the cold weather, though. We are in the 30s & 40s, beautiful sunny weather, rain all gone (we like rain in the desert, though, except I personally don't, but we need it), just too cold. I honestly don't function well or feel well when it is that cold, realizing that it is colder in other places and they laugh at what I call cold lol.

Going to sit at the computer and play free cell until time to walk.
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