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I have been thinking about this article since I posted it when I read it.

Being heavy (or as the article said "fat", I would never call myself or anyone else that) doesn't mean you aren't healthy per se. Yes, I was very very heavy but in reality, and this does scare me to a point, I had no issues or incentive to lose any weight. I'd go to the doctors and I assume they thought they had a "live" one and then my BP would be normal, my cholesterol would be normal, everything was normal. I had no joint issues or physical restrictions (yes fitting places like amusement rides and airplanes was a problem but I just avoided them), except that I didn't workout for exercise.

In the end, I fooled myself thinking that it was ok to be heavy as I ended up getting diagnosed with endometrial cancer which my oncologist team says is directly related to my weight (my body produces excess estrogen because of my fat cells). Maybe I would have been better off if I HAD been denied a job because I was heavy or if I did have high BP or symptoms of diabetes and lost the weight sooner, I'll never know now.

But just because they hire a skinny person, that doesn't mean they won't have health issues.
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