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It doesn't surprise me and it's not limited to this hospital. I remember I had a boss tell me during a "performance appraisal" one time that I needed to lose weight to get ahead in the company. When I asked what my weight had to do with my performance, he said nothing, but that appearance definitely is taken into consideration when raises and promotions are being given out. He told me it was off the record and it wasn't in writing, but it still surprised me. At that point, I was probably in the 210 weight range.

And, I've written in another post that I had a friend who was always discouraging whenever I would lose weight and she freely admitted that she wouldn't be able to look down on me if I got thin. She said that everyone has to have someone to look down upon.

We do have a problem with weight in this country. We need to do a better job about addressing it. But discriminating is not the right approach. Unfortunately, being discriminated against because we are fat is deemed to be "acceptable."

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