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Wootness! Just to share that Am2, Empress/Queen of Her Own Life, Minion to the Royal Am2 Canine, & Some Other Titles, is significantly feeling better today despite the second rainy day in a row!

She be announcing to the world that she lost 1.6 pounds on the Golden Scale this morning.

It was NOT flu that did it! T'was that Am2 worked really hard at calorie control and exercise, as well as proper rest and food choices.

This elevator is going DOWN to the 120s SOON!

Arabella, hope the dinner party was fun and the potato chips weren't too tempting. I am a foe of potato chips. Kind of useless calories, not even tasty to me, although I like the crunch and salt. Ahhh, but good restaurant corn chips with good restaurant salsa, now THAT is a deal breaker. I have to forbid self to even get started on those when they are put on the table.

Love to all queenlies and other sundry royal folk who wander hither & yon in these threads and/or in the universe at large.

Arabella, hope your work week passes pleasantly.

Working on Day 5 of my 21-day challenge & here be the log. I'll update on my weigh-in days for this.

21-Day Challenge, 1900 Calories or Less
Day 1: 1890
Day 2: 1610
Day 3: 1525
Day 4: 1490
Day 5: TBD

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