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wow! Remind me to NEVER move to Texas!!
:Begin Rant:

I'm an RN and can honestly say that probably 2/3 of the staff on my unit alone don't fit this description, let alone the entire hospital!! I have NEVER had a complaint from a patient or even been questioned on it (although, with my own mental hang-ups I have questioned myself as to how I can warn them about their weight while mine isn't fantastic!... hence my new outlook on life!)

If we got rid of all the "overweight" or "obese" people in the healthcare field, we would be severely lacking in all fields!! We're already overworked... hence the 2am lunch runs to get junk from the cafeteria and eating at the station while charting and waiting for medications to finish up!! We're lucky if we get to pee, let alone eat an actual meal!!

This report saddens me. Probably 1/4 of my weight gain was due to being in Nursing school where you're constantly on the run and eating junk!! Ugh... :End rant:
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