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Originally Posted by beckyjwebb View Post
Hi everyone
I would like to join you. I am 60 and 21?2 years ago I lost 30 lbs on IP and I went crazy for new clothes. It was so fun. I started back on Jan 4 and have 10 lbs off and getting that itch to go shopping again.
Hi beckyjwebb welcome to our family, you will love it here!

Originally Posted by AlisonS View Post
I had a nice NSV last night - I was at a training session for Master Gardeners in my county, and I was looking at the shirts that they had for sale at the break. I told the lady that was selling them that I wanted a light green one, and she said "OK, fill out the order form - what size do you take, small?"

OMG someone thought I was a size small! Not really even close to that, but OMG! Made my day!!

I have been buying clothes kind of out of necessity, because after you lose 66.8 pounds nothing fits, not even underwear. I share the concern about dressing too young. It has been so long since I have worn clothes that can even be remotely considered fitted, I'm just not even sure what I am supposed to look like, if that makes sense. Since I still have a ways to go with my weight loss, I am reluctant to buy anything too expensive or too many clothes at one particular size.
Oh girl I here you about waiting to get anything new, most of my cloths I'm pretty much swimming in, all I have gotten are 2 pants and 2 shirts, almost afraid not sure why but I really need to get over being afraid to get rid of all these, I kinda look pitiful so my sister says, HA!

Originally Posted by cactusflower View Post
Thanks so much for the very warm welcome...I am starting week 4 and enjoying the results and the program and the feeling of control if that makes any sense It is just that I spent years and years waking up every single morning planning on following some program yet never even making it through the day! I try not to think about all the wasted time and just look forward

Hope you all have a wonderful evening. I am currently in the frigid northeast but very much looking forward to a move in about 2 months to the toasty southwest
So cactusflower I'm a newmexican girl, I live in Farmington, what part of the state are you planing to move to? I have lived in NM all my life, wouldn't even know what it would be like to live in a different climate, although I do love the mountains, I'm only about 40 minutes from Colorado and I drive up every Thursday to WI and see my coaches.

Originally Posted by Lizzy63 View Post
Welcome to the new folks - Becky, cactusflower, and any others that I missed. Lots of new people lately - should keep things interesting!

Barb - congrats on the jeans!

Been so busy, I forgot to report that I bought a new suit for work this weekend, and the pants were size 6!! I have been maintaining for 2 months now in a very narrow range, so this was a surprise. I am happy to be an 8, but it still felt nice! Still wish I would lose more in the top, but it's looking like that's not meant to be... Anyhow, I should be ready for my upcoming job interview.
Whoo who! Size 6 NICE! Good for you and good luck!

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