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Originally Posted by WingnutandMe View Post
I can't quote from the previous thread as rainbow has closed it.

Barb, where in Georgia might you be sent? I'm in Georgia and would love to try to catch up with you while you're here. Let me know.

I feel for those up in the cold. It's in the 60s here. This will probably be my last southern winter.

I see we have some new posters. I feel for you trying to keep up with all of the threads. I quit and stick with this and the 100% thread. Don't get discouraged, at least come here we're sanely insane.

Ninjanurse, go for it. I can't wear boots with the adema problems in my legs, but I love anything studded and embroidered.

NSV got comfortably into jeans I could not get past my thighs about 6 weeks ago. I've only lost about 10# in that time. Still sculpting, I guess.
Yea Molly sexy fitting jeans!

to cactus flower, side jäger and gmadi, welcome to our family, I have been on IP since August and this is my home for sure, but as Molly said go surfing and looking around so much to take in and good Recipies and advice.

Jampooh, awesome another 2.5 that's a great loss, and if you try MFP I'll be one of your friends there I go by tkvdragonfly and it has my picture, I have been using MFP instead of my book for about 2 months.

Ninja nurse, wear the BOOTS!

All you other ladies saying HI!

WI today was down 1, my rings are a little tight so doc said I was retaining water and he gave me a big o,l explaining, I have been eating some higher carb vegetables and a few too many restricteds for the week and although I'm still in ketosis it's enough to make you're liver react and hold on to more sodium, anyway it's all good it will all catch up as long as I keep on keeping on!!!

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