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Originally Posted by WingnutandMe View Post
Barb, where in Georgia might you be sent? I'm in Georgia and would love to try to catch up with you while you're here. Let me know.

I feel for those up in the cold. It's in the 60s here. This will probably be my last southern winter.

I see we have some new posters. I feel for you trying to keep up with all of the threads. I quit and stick with this and the 100% thread. Don't get discouraged, at least come here we're sanely insane.

Ninjanurse, go for it. I can't wear boots with the adema problems in my legs, but I love anything studded and embroidered.

NSV got comfortably into jeans I could not get past my thighs about 6 weeks ago. I've only lost about 10# in that time. Still sculpting, I guess.
Hi Molly. I'd be in Augusta if I am approved, but not sure how long I'd be there, etc. It's just in a "maybe" stage of planning. I usually get sent once a year for one thing or another, so we'll see. Congratulations on the jeans fitting! I tried on one of those fancy dresses of my sisters, and it shows more of my tattoo than I would want to show at a fancy event, but it fits! Wow, that was just back in December trying it on. There was no way it was fitting. Hmmm maybe I will get into those size 16's by mid February.... I'll just stick to the plan and we'll see

Ninjanurse - I agree with the others here - wear what makes you happy! Me? I'm sporting a pink camo hoodie lately. Not really age appropriate at all, but I like it :-) Guess I'm dressing down rather than up lol - but it's fun.

Thanks for opening the thread Susan
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