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Originally Posted by TracyC View Post
I can't call you Chubbiegurl--look at those stats!

Dee, I will be interested in hearing how in-depth the plan is that came with the Costco kit. I am wondering if it lists all foods and portion sizes, like the plans from the centers used to. If so, it might be worth the extra 50 bucks to have the latest, greatest plan.
I dont think the latest plan is the greatest plan by far! There are too many starches...I like the old colored plans better. I think they work much better.

The new plan is 4oz of protein 3X's a day, 2 starches (one starch is approx 100 calories or 2 pieces of bread), 8oz dairy, 2 veggies and 2 fruits...2 LA Lites of course.

It is more liveable because you can eat an actual sandwich but it is not as much protein at one sitting. The colored plans were approx 6 oz protein at lunch and dinner.

I always did the Gold that is what I am comparing it to.

Plan 2 is like the gold plan, plan 1 is like the green plan.

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