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Default Day 4

Breakfast - check.
Various vitamins and minerals - check.
Buckets of water - check.
Exercise - check.
Mindful eating - check.

It was a balmy 0 Fahrenheit here this morning. Yeah, we get these cold snaps every year but they just aren't fun! It warmed up slightly today and the wind wasn't so strong so I took Dog for a short walk when I came in from the gym.

The gym was so crowded today. People were waiting to use equipment and it's not just the New Year crowd. Another location is closing and the one I go to is the closest alternative, so we are getting people who were displaced. Problem is, our location is a small gym, already overcrowded with equipment, and now more people. *sigh* My workout partner and I are going to check out a women's gym nearby on Friday. It is more expensive but we are just not comfortable with our current location. The women's gym has exercise classes (which I don't typically favor) and fancy change rooms, etc., (which I don't care about). But if it is a better environment, it might be worth the switch.

Amarantha, enjoy the warmth for us! Oh, I hate waiting around for someone or something all day long, not being able to go and do! I hope you got good news and it was all worth it!

Arabella, German Shepherds give off a lot of heat and mine is a very snuggly one. I was quite toasty! Hope you enjoyed your sunny but chilly walk! Days are slowly getting longer and the light is beginning to change. There is hope for Spring!
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