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I'm back..just got everyone out the door! Whew!

I had a good weekend....I worked.....hubby and the girls did the recycling, the yard work, cut the grass and fall put aways......tidied up the house and made meals.

I am a bit worried about my 5 year old who doesn't seem to be hearing as well as she should. She has had a cold for about 3 weeks and maybe she is just congested but it is a bit of a worry.
I will make an appointment with the doctor this week.

I still haven't purchased a piano so I am going to go do that today. Hubby still isn't completely convinced that he wants one but I think it is a good thing. I have already saved enough this fall to pay for half of it. So a few more shifts to go!

I hear you guys about the housework thing. My girls have to keep their rooms picked up, put their laundry away and the older one does the kitchen each day after supper and the little one does some of the easy straightening in the front entrance etc. They are both really good their mom! Actually Daddy a better housekeeper and cook!

Well I am off to school for a field trip so I better have a shower and have some coffee.....I can barely keep my eyes open.......would love a nap.....but when will that happen?

Have a great day everyone!

Great to see you L......are you still scrapping?

Bye for now!

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