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Originally Posted by Renwomin View Post

-whole wheat, high fiber breads and pastas and tortillas
I thankfully grew up eating wheat bread and I actually dislike cheap white bread like Wonder Bread. I wish whole wheat buns and bread were a more wide spread dining option.

I grew up the same way! I have never cared for white breads and really like the taste of wheat & bran. When we made the switch to whole foods, the most difficult thing to convince my husband and kids to give up was white bread. Now after years of eating whole wheat products, they also no longer care for white bread.

My biggest substitutions are:

Popcorn for snacking when craving something salty.

Spiced Chai black tea with 1 tsp sugar 2 tbsp milk instead of the high calorie coffee house coffees I used to enjoy. It makes a delightful 36 calorie sweet treat that I really love (this is a treat for some evenings, not something that I drink throughout the day).

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