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Hope the respiratory ailment has completely flown away by today, Wood Nymph, and that you got a lot of rest periods yesterday.

I am on Day 3, which in the lexicon of my 21-day challenge universe means I had successful Day 1 and successful Day 2 and am currently slogging away on number three.

I've decided to do what I rarely do online and log the exact calories, since this challenge of mine IS dedicated to calorie control above all else.

There are other things I could count having to do with calories rather than total calories, but the main factor for me in weight management has always been total calories in/estimated calories out.

There are a lot of factors as to my control of calories and my understanding of the various ways calories impact my weight and fitness and how in a biological sense the macronutrients are not created equal but why counting total calories and not carbs, not food source or whether my ancestors ate it, not points, not net carbs or net calories, etc.

I have read all the studies and relevant books based on studies. I agree there are a lot of factors. But what works for me is still that basic equation: calories in/calories out and it gets even simpler because I don't think estimates of the calories out part are always totally accurate so I focus on exercising for fitness only and for weight I count calories.

21-Day Challenge, 1900 Calories or Less
Day 1: 1545
Day 2: 1850
Day 3: TBD
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