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Originally Posted by BOBCAT9976 View Post
Does anyone have a substitute for the cream of chicken HNS? I use puree tomatoes for the tomato HNS and found a low sodium chicken bouillon that has the same nutrition as the HNS. I would rather save a little money and learn to eat without all the HNS products. Thanks in advance.

I like that your suggestions for substitutes for the HNS creamies and broths. They recently changed most of them and they added more fiber. I have Celiacs disease and can't have any gluten. In most of the creamies the new 'fiber' is wheat so anyone with any type of a gluten intolerance cannot use them. That includes anything chocolate that is powdered. The tomato HNS the broths etc. I wish they would offer a line just for people with gluten intolerances.
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