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I stay away from added sugars 99% of the time, and no longer drink juices or sugary sodas. I also try to stay away from processed carbs period. I'll still have naturally occurring sugar though; I have a small amount of fruit every day in my veggie salads, for example. I don't eat a lot of grains but try to make sure they're whole grains when I do.

I've noticed once I get started on eating something sugary (like the chocolates we got for Christmas), I literally can't stop thinking about them until they're all gone! My cravings have mostly vanished otherwise, and I know I feel a lot better because of it.

My mom used to add sugar to everything when I was growing up, even the sauce for the mac & cheese! She also used to pour syrup over white rice for my breakfast (something she later claimed never happened). And I can remember just pouring sugar into my cereal as a kid, scooping the grey sludge up from the bottom of the milk and finding it delicious. I even ate table sugar by the spoon back then . . . so yeah, my issues with sugar started early in my life!

I always read labels to check for grams of sugar, too much and I put it back. I rely mostly on whole foods anyway. I don't even keep bags/containers of sugar in the house anymore.

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