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Good morning girls! It is cold outside this morning but nice and sunny. We did the dining room carpets yesterday and the living room this morning after breakfast they then are done for awhile again. We use a pretreater then shampoo so it works really well. We use the pretreater when he has an accident or throws up too and it works pretty good.

Today was weigh day and I am down another 3 lbs so that's 6 lbs and 9 since this doctors appt so I am pleased.

Jean: Sounds like LA with all the craziness. It isn't too bad around Port Canaveral except those stupid toll booths every 5 miles or so. Glad you had a good time though. You can keep your snow and you can have our rain too if you like. I just want spring to be here.

I have the "cuff" of the hat done and have started the body of the hat. As soon as it is as long as the cuff I will start the intarsia three rows up from that so that the intarsia work shows. I have my pattern all laid out, but I expect I will screw it up once or twice and have to take some of it out. I am going to go slow though so keep your fingers crossed. I just hope it turns out nicely. I have done fair aisle and intarsia is basically the same thing so I am not worried about doing that.

Jack wants to use the computer to file our taxes this morning so I have to go. Have a good day everyone!!! Faye
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