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Huzzah & woot, Wildfire & Arabella! I have been struggling with CALORIE CREEPAGE lately and will join you in a 21-dayer! I am converting my Good Calorie Challenge to a 21-day one, with new parameters. This is Day 2, as I started it yesterday, stayed in the 1500s. My rule:

Eat no more than 1900 calories at the highest while striving for 1600 or less.

There are no pauses in this, I will start the count over if a nonsuccessful day occurs.

I will strive to check into this thread once a day for the count, but that is not a part of my challenge.

OKAY, FELLOW 21-DAY ROYALS! Let's do 'er!

Queen/Empress Am2 DID lose .6 at her official weigh-in, held today instead of Sunday, but will go back to Sunday next week.

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