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Good Afternoon! It's 10 degrees here but feels like -5 with the wind. Bob sang at church even though he wasn't here for practices. Four out of the eight were out with the flu plus two of the subs that were to sing. It began snowing just I was leaving for church and continued into the early afternoon; we are "white" once again. I've been doing laundry and reading newspapers. I finally muddled through the gift shop money and called it good last night; I couldn't get figures on the daily sheets to match the money so it is what it is. I did go back and did a quick read of the posts while I was gone.

Maggie -- Several of the FL gift shops had huge barrels of marbles in all sizes and colors. I wonder why there is a shortage where you are. Congrats on being half way to your goal! I'm glad you had a safe trip while you were gone. The FL traffic was multiple lanes, exits, loops, and drive way too fast! My guess is most everyone was a tourist and didn't know where they were going; we saw lots of Garmins in cars. We'd still be sitting at the airport if we hadn't had one. We had gas stolen from our boat the first summer we left it at the lake so we bought a locking gas cap. It's good Will found something that will work on the Jeep. Your multiple gas cap colors story was too funny! I'm usually colder than Bob so often wear a couple extra layers. My little heater is humming along as I type.

"Gma" -- on another 3#s gone forever. It sounds like you have your food plan working for you. I was under the impression that the Sandy Hook School was locked and the shooter shot through the doors. Our grandchildren are all in locked buildings but where there is a will, there's a way. Scary! I wish you could share your rain with us! We are so very dry. I had to laugh at your description of your "wanky" livingroom. We have no wall space either, with windows, stairs, and the stupid fireplace wall opening into the kitchen/tv area. We get text messages from Walgreens when our prescriptions are ready, or have to be ok'd by the doctor and not ready. Jason's teacher was 95 which really surprised me as she always appeared "young" to me. Over the years whenever I would see her she always asked about Jason, so I was glad he could come to the funeral. He got to visit with several teachers he had over the years, then went to the high school to visit with a couple of his favorites there, and ended up at Bob's office to say "hello." Bob's secretary has known Jason since he was about 7. Do you know what kind of mesh was used in your surgery? The ad was on tv while we were gone; Ann is a nurse and I asked about the mesh. Her husband had a heart valve replaced and has dacron mesh in him; she said the body will heal around the mesh. I'm sure Jay will love his hat and I really love Alicia's slippers! Red is my favorite color!

Susan -- Can you explain the eyebrow procedure? I am thinking about having it done but just haven't made the move. What kind of cheese do you put on your popcorn? That sounds good to me. I'm so glad that your screw can be removed in the doctor's office, and you won't need surgery. I hope it is as simple as he says it will be. From the sounds of the news on tv, every state has the flu bug. I was surprised at how many children have died from it. Maddie had it while we were gone, came on quick and Beth got her into the walk-in clinic after hours. Bad stuff!

I need to keep moving and get another load of laundry going. I have a luncheon tomorrow noon and then need to meet with the hospital accountant to see if I can get her to agree with my figures. Enjoy the rest of your day!
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