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Exclamation Biting the bullet: Day 1

So, I did it. Bit the bullet and updated my ticker. Onward! I'm lucky that I had to renew my life insurance and was weighed for my medical exam. The nurse had a WW scale that weighed me 8 pounds lighter than my home scale, with all my clothes on instead of nekkid, which makes me wonder if my home scale is wrong and the situation isn't quite as dire as I thought. Nevertheless, the home scale is the one I'll be weighing in on, so that's the weight I'll have to go with.

The lucky part? Catching it now, rather than when the situation became even worse. My capacity for self-delusion amazes me yet again. Won't go into that whole thing again, but I'd have to say that's the really clear indication that this is a psychological condition. Yes, yes, onward.

Mortified to have to admit to my weight but I know this is the place I can do it.

My plan: Eating when hungry, not o/w. More veg, less everything else. Eating only at the table when alone. 10,000 steps + yoga daily. Working on seeing my needs are met.

I've dedicated this weekend to looking after myself. I was invited to a big party last night but I knew right down to my toes that I needed to stay home and cocoon, go to bed early. So that's what I did. It was a party for a friend's 50th birthday and usually feel like I have to go to such things. I won't say I didn't agonize over it but in the end, I put my needs first. There would have been a big crowd there, so I'm not responsible for the whole thing. That's quite a revelation to me, putting my own needs first but that's what I'm going to have to do to get my life back on track.

Back from the long Sunday walk now and planning to go to yoga at 2. I'm off to make brunch -- scrambled eggs w/smoked salmon, capers, red onion and dill. Will be back later to catch up with my beloved lies.


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