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S/C/G: 292.3/255.7/120

Height: 5'3"


Color: Blue
Food: Crab legs
Drink: Mint tea
Weight loss program: Weight Watchers
Movie: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Animal: Cats
Vacation place: As long as I don't have to go to work it doesn't matter!
City: Los Angeles
Band: Not really a band person but my favorite artist is Patty Griffin
Beauty product: Cetaphil
Celebrity: Various
Article of clothing you own: A Victorian Corset I made myself
Store: Any yarn store!
Website: Too many to even try and pick one
Restaurant: The Cheesecake Factory
Video game: If facebook games count, Farm Town, lol
Healthy activity: Tennis(though I haven't played in a while)
Book (or series): Anything by Ted Dekker
TV show: NCIS: Los Angeles
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