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Thanks for starting the new thread, Wood Nymph! I love your Emerson quote.

I have always remembered a TV commercial from my extreme youth and I have no idea who wrote it or what it advertised but the voice over said: "I am made of sunshine and fresh air and I will feel this way forever."

I DO feel that way most of the time, even now at my advanced age lol.

I like your idea about dedicating the year to looking after ourselves. If we don't, who will? If we do not love and honor ourselves, how can we expect others to do so?

If we do not meet our needs, how will we be whole to carry on?

Anyway one way I am taking care of myself this weekend is that my OFFICIAL Sunday weigh-in has been rescheduled to Monday or Tuesday as I have an elevated temperature for some stupid reason, although feeling fine.

When I feel feverish I need to be able to drink as much caloric or non caloric liquid as I crave, including this time, the protein shakes I am seeming to need.

My need is to have a nice weigh-in sometime soon but the bod is not on an even keel and I do not intend to mess with my own head if I see a vast upward number on the scale. Conversely, if I see a vast downward number, I will ascribe it to some malfunction and not be pleased with it.

So, the Sacred Ceremony o' the Golden Scale can wait for a more auspicious day.

Because the truth is it doesn't matter when a weight watching person weighs in as long as they do it fairly regularly. So what I weigh on Monday or Tuesday is very likely to be what I weigh on Sunday minus the fever and voracious craving for liquids.

To NOT drink liquids when craving them would be denying the healing wisdom of my experience and instinct.

Lol, that's it in a nutshell, royals, hello to all.

I am happy it is 2013 and that I am alive to see it.
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