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Good morning ladies. We are heading out in about 45 minutes to the commissary. I have lots to do today running errands and have to get the cheesecake and rolls baked so we can be there around 5 pm. I may have to put some of the errands off until tomorrow or Monday even since Jack is home on Monday.

Doing well on WW. I have to get a couple new batteries for our scale as it klunked out on us this morning. It takes those disc type batteries so we don't have any at home. Jack says you can get them all over the place so I hope in my errand shopping I can find them so I can weigh in on Monday.

Maggie: I sure wish I could find the jicama. I would like to try it. I know it looks similar to a turnip except not the pink on the outside, but I have scoured every place that has produce and nuh uh. I will just have to keep looking for it. I noticed gas prices creeping up again. We have a refinery here in town and they have quit refining the more expensive oil so it keeps prices down more so than other places I guess.

Fortune is over her barking at me because Jack is upstairs and he isn't getting attention. He is one spoiled pooch.

You all have a nice Saturday. I am out of here to get myself some breakfast befor we leave. Faye
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