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Originally Posted by zoesmom View Post
Kudos Shero! Job well done!

Ladies--I want to throw in a random topic here oppossed to creating a new thread. I want to know what your obstacles are. I figure if we all know each other's vices, maybe we can become a stronger support system and sounding board for the days those vices get the best of us. So, I submit to you this question:

What sabatoges your success?

For me, it is my OCD and a type A personality. I am in control of everything in my life. Except my weight. This kills me. For the life of me, I cannot get it under control. Every time I think I am kicking obesity's royal arse and getting it into my grasp, I end up sabatoging myself by convincing myself I can have that ounce of string cheese because I love cheese and I "got this." Or I convince myself that fat free frozen Greek yogurt is better than ice cream and convinently forget it still adds calories to diet.

Sure, I have slip ups, but this moments are not slip ups. A slip up, in my book, is craving pizza and gorging on 4 slices. What I end up doing is more along the line of deciding to have pizza instead of craving it, then allow myself one slice. I try to take control of my weight by telling myself my body can handle it, when in truth, it can't. The slip ups are few and far between, maybe once every 2-3 months. Me "taking control" is more along the lines of once a week. I still lose weight, but not as much as I could if I would stop this habit. I have to realize that I am not in control, else I wouldn't be as heavy as I am. But for the life of me, my OCD and type A part of me just won't let go. And tomorrow is Thursday. That is the day I convince myself I am "in control" as we have ballet that night. That means I have to take my three year old out to class and we don't get home anywhere soon enough for me to be able to make dinner, eat, clean up, and get her to bed. So...we tend to go out to Cheddar's. I always order healthy, I am talking fish, salad, or grilled chicken. I never eat any starch during this dinner, always brocolli and carrots. I always only eat half of my plate and save the rest for later. But, I never remember to tell them not to glaze the fish. I never remember to tell them not to season the chicken. I never remember to bring my low fat/low cal/low carb salad dressing. I always end up gaining 1-2 pounds from this dinner, which means my net lose for the week is usually 1-2 pound oppossed to the possible 2-4 pounds it could be if I would just opt out and figure something else out for that night.

That's my vice. That is my self sabatoge. I am sure I have more, but that is the absolute biggest one.

What's yours?
This is an excellent topic. I believe I have a food addiction. If I don't have it or don't have it around, I'm fine; but let me have the first bite of something sweet or junky, and there's no looking back for me. My daughter got married early last September and I lost 20 lbs prior. I debated whether to have a piece of wedding cake but being my daughter's wedding I wanted a couple of bites. By the week before Christmas I had gained 30 lbs. And it wasn't holiday food; it was just regular junk. Hostess closing down? Clean out the twinkies. New flavor of potato chips? Better get several bags. And so on it goes. My husband just looks at me and says I can't possibly be hungry and no, I'm not at all hungry but that doesn't matter. That's not why I'm eating. I have no control. I simply must eat it.

The meal replacements are working better than I hoped. I haven't had the dizzies and the shakes and only some slight hunger late in the afternoon once in a while. Smelling food hasn't sent me on a downward spiral. I have such issues controlling what I eat that I think I will always have to use meal replacements for a portion of my food. I think I've finally come to terms with this problem and the idea of having to eat differently like anyone who has to change their diet for health reasons.

Whew, that was heavy. But this is the first time I've really said this to anyone other than my sister and then I've just danced around it. Thanks for listening.
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