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Good morning everyone! It is cool this morning but going to be up in the upper 40's today and yay..... It is supposed to be nice tomorrow too with the temps up around 60 so that will be nice to go shopping and to go to dinner at the kids. I am taking crescent rolls and sopapilla cheesecake, but though I will probably have a roll, no dessert for me.

I asked Jack to find me some cherry cordial sf ice cream that Kroger's carries last night and he found some lowfat vanilla too. He likes root beer floats. Anyway, this was exceptional vanilla ice cream and only 2 pts for a serving. Jack can have a root beer float with diet IBC and the ice cream and it only costs him 2 pts. Now that's a way to have a sweet without mucking everything up.

I am working on Jay's hat trying to finish it and then get the duplicate stitching done. I may look online and see if I can find a clover chart and put a clover on each side of "Fighting Irish" if there is room. I love the internet! I sure can get things I used to have to hunt around in stores for. Cross stitch patterns are the best for using on knitting too.

I got the nicest compliment from my dd on facebook. She says she has been wearing one of the hats I made her since it has been cold and she gets lots of comments about it and her socks (which she probably has 6-7 pairs of as I make her a pair for her birthday every year.) I really love to knit for other people and have them enjoy what I knit. It is much more satisfying than knitting for yourself.

Maggie: I have some of that jalapeno cream cheese that WW makes. It is great on all kinds of things. Sounds like yummy bread. Jack despises ricotta cheese though or I would get the recipe from you. I really need to fool with my break maker and see if I can get it to work properly. It is pretty much brand new. I always hated taking down the decorations. You have to search for the proper box that this or that goes in and make sure everything is packed correctly, etc. I am just glad we are in the new year. It is that much closer to our cruise. I found a website to buy a dress for formal nights and am hoping that by Sept I have lost enough weight to have one made for me. Jack and I picked out several styles, but I really like the one I saw that had the little bolero jacket with it. I love color, but Jack wants me to get a black one. I compromised with navy blue.

Well girls, I need to start on chores. I hope you have a great weekend. We are going to be busy. Faye
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