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It is interesting reading what gets everyone. I can see how stress and boredom can be triggers. If it wasn't for the fact I am never home due to an insanely busy life, that could easily be my vice. I guess I got lucky in that regard...I am stuck with whatever I packed in my lunch for the day. And I love the dumbbell idea, irish! Methinks I need to invest in a set...either that or a thighmaster.

VAA--the headaches WILL go away. Probably within the next day or so. I had bad migraines for the first four days of WS and then all of the sudden, they ceased. My energy was low for about two weeks, and then everything went into overdrive and suddenly I was able to do everything I had been able to do, plus some. Just stick with it, as they say, this too shall pass. Also, something I started doing with my mindless nibbling when preparing food might help you. I put gloves on when touching any food product now. Two reasons...gloves remind us of sanitary, so we don't want to touch our mouth and go back to the food, then touch our mouth, and so on. And have you ever put a latex (or rubber) gloved finger in your mouth before? YUCK!

Kudos on the 5# Shero! You are doing amazing awesome!

For sucked. I only ate breakfast because I wasn't feeling well. And then we ended up with company over and they requested my specialty, Chicken Cordon Bleu. So...while the wild grain rice, asparagus, and carrots were actually really good for my diet, the fatty chicken, not so much. See...there's that control thing Good thing is, tomorrow is another day. I am so going to hate to weigh myself come Monday. This week has not been a good week for me....too much going on where I can't get home. You can attempt to eat healthy at restaurants, but it just never is the same. Thank heavens next week will stabilize and I can get back on track. I'll need it after this week. OH! And our Planet Fitness opened up today, so tomorrow, I will go to pick up my new membership card. Loving the thought of being a member at a gym again!

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