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Hello ladies.

So far this weekend has been a disaster as far as eating goes... mozzarella-and-pesto sandwich last night at a coffee shop, french fries (oven baked at home) for breakfast this morning, and I just got back from going out for pizza with the boyfriend.

It's stress eating. I found out last night that they're shutting down the plant he works at sometime next year, so in 8 or 9 months he's going to be unemployed. I'm already on unemployment... and we decided that we're going to take his severance package and move across the country like we've been talking about doing for a year (but never mentioned it to anyone else). So I'm stressed out over that and about how I'm going to tell my mom (travel agent for guilt trips) and my sister (who I'm really close to).

So I turn to food... cigarettes... alcohol... like any of that's going to make it better for more than an hour or even a few minutes. I can tell myself that I'm going to be okay but those moments usually come when I'm not sober.

Sorry to be long winded... but that's what's going on. I'll try to eat better and exercise but there are other things on my mind right now.
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