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Just wanted to report back, Vegan Eat's World is a great book. I also got 2 other new ones:
Chloe's Kitchen (Vegan) - She apparently won "Cupcake Wars" and includes her winning cupcake recipe in the book. The cookbook is fairly well rounded. I made the Lasagna the other day and my husband loved it. The basil tofu ricotta was great. This is a good cookbook for people trying out a vegan diet as well as experienced vegans.

Meatless (Vegetarian - Martha Stewart) - I vowed years ago to not buy vegetarian cookbooks when there were so many good vegan ones. I caved on this one. I think this is a fabulous intro book for someone who is interested in becoming vegetarian, vegetarians and vegans experienced with substitutes. New vegans may find the book daunting although there are quite a few vegan recipes, other recipes in the book may rely on you creating a substitute or omitting.

And I don't think I've mentioned it before but Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions is a great book if you want to focus on recipes for things that you miss. I've eaten the versions of tuna salad in the book many times and its good. There are a few others I've tried as well.
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