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Originally Posted by luckystreak View Post
But in the end theyre still pushing their muscles the day before, lactic acid builds up and thats bound to skew numbers.
Its not just the lactic acid. When you do weights you stress strain damage your muscles just a tiny bit. Your muscles are bathed in water and fluids. When you damage them cause thats what you do with weight training, your body sends in more fluid to repair the damage. This is why your numbers are up, your body is repairing muscle damage.
Once your muscles repair and the fluid leaves them aka 24 hours or so recovery time, theyre smaller and tighter making you smaller overall. Then you do it again, damage plus fluid to recover equals increased water and therefore higher number on the scale. Overall youll go down cause of the restricted calories and the amount of energy you burn to do the weights but day to day youll see fluctuations when you weight train from day to day.

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