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Afternoon gals. I was positive I came in here this morning and posted but it isn't here. I guess I will do this again.

I am hoping one of my yarn purchases gets here tomorrow so I can either finish Jay's hat or work on Jack's. I work on my stuff, but it is more fun to make something for someone else.

It was so icy this morning that Jack took the day off. He goes to work in the dark and these people drive so dangerously that he doesn't trust them hitting black ice and crashing into him so he stayed home. He is upstairs playing Risk I imagine and I am finishing cleaning the kitchen. I am almost done, but I have been cold all day. Our house is so drafty that when it is so cold like this I can't ever get warm.

Susan: I don't disagree about the new program and the last one too, but I know what I need to do and have heard everything for 30 years about losing weight and why you eat, etc, etc, so I don't feel I need to pay to hear it again. I am also trying to make my snacks veggies, cheese, fruit that sort of thing though I still eat carbs, but have cut way back on them. I understand WW is trying to get people healthy not just lose weight, but frankly, it is way too expensive for me to spend that kind of money each week for things that for me are rhetorical. I think it is great for someone who is "new" to the weight loss game and well worth the money to them or for people who need someone "watching" them so to speak.

Maggie: I have looked all over for jicama and that includes WM and haven't found it anywhere. I would really like to try it as a change of pace. I keep hearing how good it is, but can't find the darn stuff. I have gone to Fresh Market, Super Target, Walmart, a couple of Krogers, and Whole Foods with no luck.

I need to finish up my work so I am outta here. Have a great middle of the week. Faye
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