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What worked for me, and trust me I was bad about this, was to decide to stop eating. There was a WW meeting about mindless eating a few months ago, and the old tip of brushing your teeth to prevent mindless eating came up. So I thought about when we put our kids down for sleep, and how after that is when I treated myself to uninterrupted snacking. I would eat something, even if I didn't want it just because that's what I was in the habit of doing.

So for a week I stopped eating at 8. When the kids brushed their teeth for bed, I brushed mine. That went pretty well so I moved it up another hour, to 7. This basically allowed me time to eat dinner when I got home after work and that's it.

I also found that I REALLY prefer chocolate with coffee and I like to have a bit of chocolate when I wake up. So now that's when I have my treat for the day. And some recent research even shows that this strategy can help improve cravings throughout the day and aid in weight loss, as long as you keep the snack small.

It sounds hard at first but it's really easy to do it once you are used to it. It actually simplified my life, and I get to use more time at night to work on crocheting, which I love.

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