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Good morning ladies! 38 degrees and its still raining. We might get snow - up to 4 inches - tonight. If we get 4 inches, it will definitely be a mess around here.

Our applique bee on Monday was quite depleted in numbers due to the flu but we still had a good time. I have bee at the library tonight and tomorrow night is Ladies of the Evening so lots of stitching going on.

Faye, prices at WW haven't gone up recently at all. I really thing WW 360 is the best program that has ever come out from them because it focuses on not only eating but all the reason why we eat and what we can do to overcome them. Points Plus also took the emphasis away from processed foods and simple carbs and put it on the healthier choices. I have learned this year that snacks aren't things like crackers, sweets, chips, etc. They are treats for one or two times a week. A snack is fruit or vegetable with protein or dairy. I now make sure I always have a snack with me when I leave the house, usually a piece of fruit. That was our routine last month. People are giving me positive feedback on the 360 program at the scale.

Maggie, sorry you had to make that rush trip to CA and very glad to have you back with us. I'm with you on needing WW meetings. I need to be accountable to a someone. All my friends are overweight and of the "one little serving won't hurt" variety. I'm going to get some chopsticks and try eating frozen entrees with them. I've always been a slow eater.

Jean, enjoy the sunshine!

Have a wonderful day.

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