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Starting over sucks.
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Originally Posted by nomorejellybeans View Post
Think about yourself in that car. Nothing was right there.
That's a very powerful image and an excellent kick in the butt.

Originally Posted by owlsteazombies View Post
Maybe it's not you that has the problem. Maybe it's your diet. Maybe you've set yourself up to fail with not allowing yourself that spoonful of potatoes? That glass of gingerale? Or that extra babybel.

Perhaps it's time to not change your perceptions of yourself, but your diet. Paleo/Primal may not be completely for you, but you can take things about it you like and incorporate it into something like calorie counting (which is easy) and let yourself have things that make you happy while being on plan.

I know if I felt guilty about things like that, I would have broken a long time ago.
Very good point, although I thought I had massaged the diet pretty well. I steal from paleo/primal, weight watchers etc. I am keeping my calories pretty low. But I never feel the urge to cheat really, it's more the matter of mindlessly eating. But maybe I will sit down and look at what I could change to make it easier.

Thank you everyone for your encouragement. I know it probably sounded a little whiny, but I don't get the opportunity to verbalize these thoughts, because I'm not around anyone in the same boat. So I come here and you awesome people whip me right back on track!

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