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Good morning girls! It went from 70 to 26 degrees! We are supposed to get more rain and it is going to be freezing and icy and we could be in for some trouble. I worry so much about Jack having to drive on the interstate with these idiots for 20 miles to get home in bad weather. I told him this morning just to leave a lot behind you and a lot of room in front!

Today was first week weigh in day. I had a good week last week and only went over pts by 1 the second day and even then I didn't eat any sugar or dessert stuff but stuff that was good for me. I have increased my veggie eating 100% too. I found these wonderful whole grain sandwich crackers with pbutter inside at Walmart's and they are a nice snack. I had a fuji apple and reduced fat cheddar cheese stick last night for a snack. With all that bologney being said, I am down 3 lbs!

I am so mad at myself. I bought navy and gold yarn to make Jay at Notre Dame hat and should have bought 2 navy's and one gold. They don't sell this yarn anyplace here in town and there seems to be a run on the navy online. I finally found a place that wasn't sold out and ordered another skein, but I am 3/4 done and can't finish until I get the yarn, hopefully by the end of the week. I want to get it done and get it and the slippers color blocked, washed and blocked so I can send them to the kids next week. I should get Jack's Boise State yarn by tomorrow or Wed so I guess I can start his hat while I wait. In the meantime, I still have my socks and scarf I can work on.

Maggie: Good to see you get home ok and so sorry you had to do such a rush job. I hope all is ok with whatever caused you to have to pick up and go and the doggies and kitty are ok.

I guess I better get my chores done and get my oatmeal eaten before it gets cold. Have a great day all! Faye
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