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Originally Posted by KitKat169 View Post
Thanks for the reminder. I've been using my new Actifry a lot and here are some of the items I've figured out.

1. Jicama fries - yum! I baked them until they had nice colour, then sprinkled them with cinnamon and stevia and put them back in for another 5-6 minutes. The end result was a nice crispy sweet fry.

2. I roasted whole red peppers by removing the paddle and putting in 4 peppers on their side. I had to check the machine every 5-7 minutes to turn the peppers but they got nicely charred just like they would grilling. I think they may have taken a bit longer than on the grill but I didn't have to watch them as much.

3. Broccoli and cauliflower turn out good but a little more chewy like Mompattie mentioned. I tried steaming the broccoli for about 4 minutes in the microwave first and then putting it into the Actifry. I preferred it this way and the spices I added also stuck better so there was more flavour. I sprinkled with lemon juice in the last couple minutes.

4. Mushrooms work great. I also added zucchini slices after starting the mushrooms first and first the whole process before the zucchini got mushy.

5. Lemon pepper cabbage recipe from Finn Steven recipe thread. I cut the cabbage into pieces smaller than the wedge i would normally do in the oven. I added half the lemon/lime juice at the beginning and half part way through. It went much faster in the Actifry and I will make this recipe this way from now on.

6. Pork loin medallions. I cooked these in the pan first but the spices that I put on the outside where getting overly charred before the inside was done. So I finished it off in the Actifry and it was perfect and moist.

7. Roasted garlic. I put a whole unpeeled head of garlic in when I was roasting the peppers. It was done after 10 or 15 minutes (normally I do 45 in the oven). It was yummy soft and I added this to the roasted red peppers to make LizRRs puree.

8. Tofu, cubed. I did the Maple glaze recipe I found in the recipe threads. Crispy exterior yet moist inside. Definitely a do again in the Actifry.

9. I've done the buffalo chicken strips idea found here and loved it.
Question about the jicama fries. When you said bake, were you referring to the oven or the Actifry. Did you start them in the oven, then season them and add them to the Actifry or cook them totally in the Actifry?


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