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I took a communication class last semester & it really opened my eyes. It was talking about how different people "hear" and "speak" love. There were 5 ways people express love. For example, my husband "hears" love by food items/treats. If I bring him home a special treat or make him a good meal, he feels loved. But, food in no way equals love to me. So if my husband tries to express his love to me that way, it falls on "deaf ears". I "hear" love by actions. If he does a chore that I typically do, I feel more loved than if he bought me a stack of presents. When he de-ices my windows on my truck, I feel loved. That truly makes me feel valued. Just like when I am out of the house, I try to bring him home something he loves so he feels valued. We try to make sure we are "speaking" in a way that the other one will "hear".

I think the two of you are "speaking" and "hearing" different things. We actually took the quiz from my text book together & seeing how differently we "hear" the love was like an awakening. It really solved my communication issues in my marriage & something like that might help you guys too. Because if you are both speaking different love languages, it can really screw up what you are trying to show each other.

I hope that made sense & I hope things work out in your marriage.
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