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Things at home are okay. We spend a lot of time apart during the week, doing our own things. We have very different interests. During the week we eat dinner together and usually spend about an hour together before bed watching a favorite show or something. On the weekends we usually spend more time together, and we do try to do a "date night" once a week.

As far as affection goes... he's verbally affectionate, but not physically. He is not an "initiator" when it comes to romance, and quite often, he actually turns me down. It is a blow to my self esteem, but I also understand that our needs are different and I just want it more often than he does. Once a week is usually enough for him... I could almost every day. I guess I was hoping that maybe it was my appearance that was standing in the way of being more "active" in that area, but it seems now that is not the case. It never used to be this way... only after we got married.

I do get mixed signals. He'll tell me when he thinks another girl is "hot"... but he doesn't use that word to describe me. He does tell me I am beautiful, but I feel there is a different connotation to that. I can think a friend is beautiful... but I wouldn't call a friend "hot." I asked him the difference before, between hot and beautiful, and he couldn't really explain it other than a hot girl tends to wear less clothing, haha.

I know he loves me... I think I just want more signs that he's actually physically attracted to me. I feel like I am in my prime, and I get more signals from other guys than from him.

And other than THIS particular issue... things are fine. We still talk, we have fun together, we have a great group of mutual friends we hang out with often, and we have good lines of communication. I just see other guys complaining about their wives not being "affectionate" enough, and I seem to be on the other side of the coin, and I can sympathize because it is kind of a blow to your self esteem.

Does that make sense?

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