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Good morning all. I sound like a broken record. It is raining gangbusters this morning. It rained all night so there is flooding in low places I guess. It is going to rain for a couple more days at least I guess.

I went to Amazon and ordered replacement blade thingies for my electric shaver. I didn't know you could do that and sort of fell over it looking at Amazon one day. I have tried everything and the electric shaver works best on my legs. I get ingrown hair bumps and not much hair on my legs and shaving cuts them up and waxing doesn't work because even waiting weeks the hair doesn't seem to be long enough. Anyway, did that and like I said yesterday, ordered the blue and orange yarn.

Went out to WM yesterday in the rain, had to park at the end of the lot, but was first in line with a new cashier when I went to check out and she was fast too. Luckily, it had stopped raining when I came out and beat feet it to the car. I found my hair color, but they still don't have the darn eye liner in stock. I then came home by way of our CVS to pick up a prescription refill I did online at 9 and they said I could pick up at 10:15. Well, 11:05 and they hadn't even started it. The little snot at the drive through first told me they were working on it, then they didn't have that medication but she would ask the pharmacist, then after sitting there for 5 minutes, she came back and said to give them another 5 minutes. I asked her why they weren't ready when they said they would be ready and she just looked at me stupidly. I told her I was going to pull out so the guy behind me could get their stuff since he had been sitting in line with me for 10 minutes now. I went and parked, called Jack and complained then got back in line. I got, "I'm sorry about the wait Mrs. Wilkinson we have just been really busy." I told her she could tell them I was transferring my prescriptions back to Walgreens and drove off. It wasn't that they weren't ready, I can understand being really busy, but the excuses, they really make me mad. At least be honest with me and frankly, they could have had the prescription done, but I doubt they even looked at their online stuff.

Jean: Glad you are having a nice time. We miss you and can't wait for you to be back with us.

Gotta go and get some breakfast. You all have a great day! Faye
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