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Originally Posted by mommyIP View Post
Is green cabbage okay in phase 1? My coach says yes, the paper says no. I emailed to double check if it was allowed and she said yes it is low carb. When I looked up nutritional info on it, it doesn't appear to be low carb to me with 4 carbs per 1 cup serving.

About half of the carbohydrates in green cabbage are fiber, and fiber is a carbohydrate that humans cannot digest at all - therefore those carbs (and all the calories they contain) do not count.

This brings the carb count in a cup of chopped cabbage down to about 2-3g (depending on how finely you chop the cabbage, and therefore how much cabbage fits into the cup).

If you want to compare the carbohydrate count between vegetables, you have to compare net carbs (carb grams minus fiber grams) not total carbs, and volume isn't the best comparison (because one cup of lettuce isn't as filling as one cup of a denser vegetable - so comparing by weight makes more sense than comparing by loose-packed volume.
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