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Hi Beckfolks - yesterday was 100% on plan. I am really grateful for that. I did minimal Beck things, however. But, I did plan/measure/log food, exercise, water, weighed, no seconds and left a bite. Credit. One of my big credits is when two of my cutiepie neighbor little sisters came over with cookies and asked if I wanted one. I smiled and said 'no thank you'. YAY It's nice to have a place to come and say how proud I am of this. Many folks couldn't understand.

In that light, yesterday I was thinking about using Beck skills - I remembered the very first time I went to a potluck dinner and took only ONE plateful. How I thoughtfully decided what would be on my plate. How much I really wanted to go back for seconds. I remember thinking that no one knew that it was a milestone thing for me. I noticed how some others only took one plate full too. It was such an important day for me because I learned that I could do it and had the tools to make it through. Enough of going down memory lane.

DH and I have been thinking of going out to do 'something'. Don't know what, yet.

onebyone - I so understand how you are feeling. Maybe switching it up can give you a fresh start. Sometimes, for me, it's doing a new food plan. I am sorry you are mad at the world. If the food part can't come together now... maybe you could do some of the other things eat seated only, slow mindful eating, fork down between bites, etc. Would starting the Beck book all over help? Might doing a different Beck book give you a fresh start? I hope you get out of your mad at the world time soon. PS - sometimes when I am feeling down, frustrated or mad it is helpful for me to write those feelings down. I've been known to write furiously as I express my anger or frustration, etc. It doesn't matter if you can read it - it's just the process of putting it down that can be helpful.

billbe - credit for moving your snack and not having it cause any complications in your food. Your lamb strew sounds devine. (lamb is one of my favorites.) Exercises... ugh - I have a response card that says 'just do it.' (I hate that LOL) Yes, good to give yourself credit for doing part of it, for sure!

beth from dayton - credit for 'making it work' within your plan when things got changed around. Glad you got the books and are moving forward! I too have an advantage card for better bloodwork.

ibelieveinme - credit for moving forward with so many of the important 'groundwork' tasks in finding sanity around food. I can't tell you how much it helps to really eat seated only helps me. I know it will help you. I still find it a challange. Give yourself a pat on the back everytime you do it , too! Glad you got your food plans figured out.

Tazzy - I was so glad to see your post! "Every journey begins with only one step." You've taken many steps already! Life happens... most of us have had difficult times in life and food. The important thing is that you are back and trying. I often tell myself that we must 'forgive ourselves' and move forward when starting the journey of sanity with food once again. We have all been there. Credit for checking online for the points of food at the restaurant! - and joining WW.

lexxiss/debbie - so glad you checked in... a 'boring' good report is great! Carry on.

newlifestyle - wonderful to see your post today. I am so sorry to hear of your brother's passing on. Yes.. baby steps can start a journey, for sure.

nationalparker - yes, it's amazing how one cookie can stay in your mind for so long and be so significant in your day. I understand.

gardenerjoy - credit for a plan and staying with it. Sometimes it take a couple days to pull it all together. Carry on.

Have a GREAT weekend.

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